Ready-made Area Carpets – Home Design Style and Color Palette Ideas

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Looking for beautiful area rugs to cover hard wood floors in your new home or townhome? Trying to find several carpets that coordinate throughout the main living level areas with wood floors? Today most home owners wish to design the main level of their home with a cohesive color palette that complements existing furnishings and looks great when your eye moves from one area or space to another. Well thought out complementary design concepts make the home appear larger. (Part 2 of 3 part series, issue one dated June 25, 2012)

Start with selecting matching ready-made area carpets for the Living Room, Dining Room, Foyer and adjoining hallways.  Adjacent rooms that flow off the main areas i.e.: Kitchen, Great Room, Sunroom; should have selections that coordinate comfortably for color, pattern and style with the LR, DR carpets. Ready-made selections are available in many standard size options:

10 x14, 9 x 12, 8 x 10, 5 x 7, 4 x 6, 2 x 3 and runners in 4, 6, 8 and 10 foot lengths

Some styles are available in 5 or 6 foot square and round shapes – great for Foyers

Many variation of sizes exist so review carefully if you are looking at the Nominal Size as listed above or the Actual Size. For example a nominal size of 5 x 7 could actually be 4′-8″ x 6′-10″ or a 9′ x 10′ could actually be 8′-9″ x 10′-6″. Carpets with fringe usually will list size with fringe and size without fringe. If not call for clarification should the few inches make a difference in whether the carpet will scale appropriately to the room size.  Carpet sizes vary greatly as the pattern style will dictate that the finished carpet looks best at certain overall size once they center the pattern field.

Ready-made selections work well for small townhomes and smaller scaled rooms. Starting the overall Home Design and Color Palette with the area carpet selections first allows you to build the home’s design concept and colors around the area carpets and enhance your existing furnishings beautifully. Whenever design options are limited this is the first product to begin your design selections. It is much harder to find a beautiful area carpet to bring the furniture, window treatments, fabrics and colors together when it is the last item purchased. Once you select a handsome classic pattern and design style for your main area carpets the rest of the finishes and materials will flow together easily.

Ready-made carpet styles are Persian, Oriental, Tibetan, or contemporary modern designs, with various patterns and color choices. Even with thousands of ready-made carpets you will still be limited by color, design and pattern options when trying to enhance your existing furnishings. With a lot of looking and testing out small samples you will find beautiful area carpets to tie all the main level living areas together. Know what approx. sizes you will need for all areas and eliminate any options that cannot work size wise for all rooms that need to match.  Catalogs and websites make looking a daunting task, search and find several options to choose from.  When buying from pictures either catalog or web, select 100% Wool Carpets.  Wool or silk carpet yarns have a welcoming luster that is hard to achieve with nylon. Great looking nylon selections are available from quality manufacturers yet it is impossible to see a carpet’s luster (sheen) until you have the carpet in your home. Safest to select 100% wool or 80% wool/20% nylon carpet from the start as they have a richer looking appearance. Wool is a natural fiber, easily cleans with hot water (great for pets) and is very comfortable to sit on. Nylon blends can be used in less formal areas of the home just review the sheen does not scream cheap knock off

After making several selections from catalogs or on line, cut them out and paste on a white background to view independently from the other items on the pages. Order test carpets of your favorites in the smallest size (2 x 3) which will work at any door opening or a Powder Room. Do not be surprised if when the test carpets arrive you are not as pleased with the look, color(s), plushness, sheen etc. You may need to order 4-5 of these small carpets to finalize your selections and see how the carpets look side by side before you see your design concept come to life. Keep the test samples as they are a minimal cost and will probably look great somewhere in your home without the hassle of returns. Small test carpets allow you to view the actual product and confirm you are happy with the color, pattern, style, thickness, plushness and luster once you have the real carpet in your home under your lighting. Now you can safely order large area carpets feeling confident you will be happy with the sections and not have to return them unless there are defects in manufacturing.

Black and Gold nylon selections in pictures are available is many patterns and color choices.  These handsome carpets do look and feel like real wool.  Call 703-425-9050 or send a picture of your room and we will assist with selection.

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Next up: Custom Made Area Carpets and Carpet Selections for Pet Owners

Elegant Home Interior Design where to begin? Coordinating Area Carpets for Wood Floors

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Homeowners today choose the richness and warmth of the natural wood floors throughout the main living areas defining a classic, handsome continuous character for the home.  Realtors know homes with wood floors sell faster and if a property is not selling recommend upgrading with hardwood flooring.  Once living with all wood floors you will quickly determine the need to cover the floors for protection, acoustically soften the rooms and provide warmth and comfort underfoot.  Matching area rugs or carpets used throughout the home or townhome’s open floor plan tie the spaces together beautifully allowing the eye to flow comfortably from area to area, and when selected to complement existing furnishings they enhance the overall ambiance of the home.

Where to begin your design scheme or color palette for your new home?  Upon walking into a room your eyes are 1st drawn to the windows and 2nd to the floors.  Windows for their light filtering character and the floors keep the space flowing and the eyes wandering.  The more floor you see the larger the room or home will feel.  When beginning a home design we look at the floor coverings as one of our first inspirations.  Start your color concept and palette with the product that has the least amount of style and design selections to choose from.  Drapery and upholstery fabrics are endless, carpet selections are limited.  As a significant amount of money will be invested in your floor covering decisions it is wisest to select classic, timeless designs and patterns.

The simplest solution is ready-made matching area carpets if you can find a pattern and design style you love and work with standard sizes.  Custom area carpets designed to fit each room, space and hallway coordinate the main living areas of larger residences and provide definition for the Living, Dining and Foyer Areas of townhomes.  Starting with a beautiful patterned field carpet which will hide dirt and set the premise for a transitional, traditional or modern design concept we either work with a coordinating patterned border or pair two solid color accent borders around the field carpet for a professional finished look.

We will explore both  options: A) ready-mades and B) custom carpet options in later posts.  Like what you see – send us a picture(s) and room dimensions and we will provide samples and solutions that enhance your existing furnishings.  Call 703-425-9050 or email directly to

Aging in Place and Universal Design Ideas

Handicap Corner Accessible Sink (ADA)

Handicap Corner Accessible Sink (ADA)

The latest buzz with the 1st wave of the baby boomer generation just turning 65 revolves around our ever-growing Senior population and where they choose to live or retire as they grow older. Everywhere you look there are articles relating information on the care and home facilities for our aging parents. Today family members are scattered across the country and not available to assist on a daily basis with the care of their elder parents. Long term care insurance is an ever-growing market segment with insurance and financial planners leading the cause.

Elderly parents generally wish to live in their current homes as long as possible where they have their network of friends, neighbors and social circles. Remodeling the home they live in for their limited mobility, sight issues and comfort assists many seniors with performing daily chores more independently allowing them greater quality of life. Simple remodeling solutions to current home designs and planning will make most homes livable and comfortable for many years until skilled nursing care is required.

Aging in Place Checklist

Flush Floor Transitions Wood Floor w/ Granite Tile Border

Flush Floor Transitions Wood Floor w/ Granite Tile Border

1.    Main level Bedroom and Bathroom

2.    Universal Plumbing Faucets, Knobs, Door Handles, etc.

3.    Proper Lighting for sight impairment

4.    Flush Floor Transitions and proper flooring material selections

5.    Wider Door widths and circulation space

6.    Kitchen & Bath countertop heights & reach movements

7.    Walk or Roll in showers with seat or bench

8.    Grab Bars properly located

9.    Closet coat poles within easier reach and open shelving details

10.    Grade level entrance to home

Powder Room - Hall Flush Transition Tile-Granite-Wood

Powder Room - Hall Flush Transition Tile-Granite-Wood

Current economic times and many homes under water is encouraging homeowners to invest in remodeling their existing home to accommodate their needs as they Age in Place, or should they need to move Mom or Dad in to assist with their care. All home remodeling projects contemplated today should incorporate the Aging in Place or Universal Design features mentioned above as a basic standard level of construction. Grab bars needs not be installed but the blocking support should be in the wall when the time comes. There are also many newer Grab Bar options that are not institutional looking and designed as attractive design elements. Universal design does not need to be institutional looking with the ever-growing selections of attractive products that are entering the market. Creative detailing and handsome product selections that fit Universal Design criteria only add to the remodeling project and most people would never guess that the home was designed for Senior Living.

We provide a simplified 1 ½ hour Design, Planning & Remodeling Consult outlining for you a Plan of Action to make your home livable for years. Included are Design Sketches, Construction Details (or how to build), Material & Finish suggestions, Universal Design fixtures and ideas. Before hiring the contractor start with a Planning Consult to review detailing specifics and options available to make the most of your remodeling dreams.

Townhome Elegance with Custom Area Carpets

Townhome Elegance with Custom Area Carpets

Area Carpets define the Living Areas of Townhomes and large residences with continuous wood flooring.