5 Family Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

Curved Granite countertop with Ogee Edge detail

Contributed by Matt Lee, edited by Peggy Golden

Are you looking for a new home for your family? Perhaps your current kitchen is not family friendly and you can’t spend as much time in the kitchen as you would like with your children.  Are you expecting and looking at babyproofing or remodeling your kitchen before the baby arrives?  Whatever your reason for needing family friendly kitchen design ideas, the following ideas will spark ideas for creating the kitchen of your family’s dreams.

Sharp and pointy edges are beacons for children’s heads and faces. No parent can avoid every bump and bruise risk around the home; avoiding sharp edged surfaces in your kitchen is insightfully helpful with children and older generations. Choose a table or kitchen island with rounded soft edges rather than square. Counter tops can have rounded or smoothed over edges with simple grade 1 eased or quarter round or upgraded edge shapes like bullnose and ogee which have very soft curved designs.

Angled wall cabinets in kitchen

Upper wall cabinet angled creates more head space at entry to kitchen

Also avoid counters that jut out and keep the entrance to the kitchen clear of eye or head level hazards for little ones

Head Clearance at Kitchen Entryway

Entryway wall cabinets are set back from base cabinetry

2. Lower Counter Top Heights

If you love to cook or bake chances are your children will want to assist and learn from you. Consider lowering a section of your counter top allowing easy access to sanitary work spaces without having to climb on a chair or stretching and reaching over you.

  1. Easy Turn and Touchless Faucets

There are many faucet selections that make it hard for children to use.  Round and star faucet controls are harder to turn than lever shaped controls.  The newer touchless faucets are a great option for young and older adults as they can be set to a warm and safe start temperature avoiding scalding situations and keeping hands off of faucet controls maintains cleanliness limiting transfer of raw food germs transferring to the controls.  Several manufacturers have touchless faucets today such as this link to Delta’s latest version  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9HxPBP4RXI

Delta Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Delta Touchless Kitchen Faucet

  1. Smart Home Designs-IOT

Smart home designs are great for busy parents that want a hands-off approach to things in their home.  Smart home options allow you to control the thermostat, lights, fans, window treatments, alarm system, and more from your cell phone or computer.  Other smart home options allow you to stream music throughout your home, access television and movie streaming apps through WIFI directly through your television and much more.  A popular IOT control great for families with older children and teenagers is a keyless entry lock.  You don’t ever have to worry about your child remembering a code or losing a key if they can come and go through finger print or retina scanning.  These IOT lock designs will also alert you through an app to anyone coming and going from your home and let’s not forget the newer security camera systems alerting you to visitors in your yard or at your front door.

  1. Interesting Interior Design Accents

The kitchen is the family gathering place revolving around mealtimes, busy morning out the door time, eating snacks with friends and serving coffee to friends and neighbors.

Ogee Edge granite counter top

Ogee Edge Detail with curve shape counter top avoids sharp corners

 An interesting design accent in your kitchen such as a stone wall will enhance the kitchen ambiance providing a clean, modern, and relaxed look.   Stone accent walls are easy to install, are available in many designs, stone sizes, shapes and colors, as well as brick facing making a trendy comeback in the farmhouse and craftsman popular design styles.  Applied wall stone facing options include natural stone from a stone quarry stacked in place by a stone mason or stone veneer panels with easier installation and less cost that look just like natural stone.  In creating a family friendly kitchen design safety issues are extremely important.  Consider appliance locks, gates to block off the kitchen area, and organizing your cabinets in a way that nothing that can harm your children, especially toddlers, if within reach.  If you cannot rid your kitchen of sharp edged surfaces, consider purchasing bumper guards in the infant section of department stores or safety section of home stores to soften harsh edges around your home.

Wall Ovens – Easy open doors

Bosch side opening wall oven

Wall oven with side opening door

Just like a microwave - sideways opening doors

Just like a microwave – sideways opening doors

Last year Bosch introduced it’s Benchmark Series double and single wall ovens available with either left or right hand side-opening door options.    These side-opening door wall ovens have been popular in Europe for some time now and are gaining popularity.   Mounting these ovens at just the right height for the user provides the perfect ergonomic solution to assist with cooking and keeping reach level at an easier comfortable height.   The side-opening  doors open out and away from the body allowing one to reach in and grab a dish without scorching your forearms as a conventional oven inadvertently always seem to catch you at least once a year!

When planning for new appliances review the newer ergonomic options available

Kitchen Storage that Hides at Floor Level, Toe Kick Drawers

Great ideas for adding more kitchen storage and clever use of toe kick drawers. All manufacturers standard toe kick is 4″ in height. Toe kick drawers in a standard 4″ base will allow for items that are 2 1/2″ in height or less to be stored. If you wish to store pet bowls or larger items then you need to ask for a higher toe kick.

Waterproof HDTVs – Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling, Interior Design

Viewing HDTV in your Bathroom

Latest waterproof HDTV screens for bathrooms

Mirror HDTV, waterproof options make their way into bathrooms

Watching HDTV from the comfort of your own bathroom is one of the latest electronic upgrades for bathroom remodeling.
Mirror HDTV’s may be mounted above the vanity, bathtub or in your shower wall with many waterproof, tempered mirror glass television options available in clean contemporary frameless styles or with traditional and modern picture frames to coordinate with your décor. The mirrors house an HDTV with ultra-bright LED screens that are fog free and when turned off create a complete mirror.  Accessories include waterproof remote control, built-in speakers or remote speakers for enhanced sound.

Moderate priced Bathroom TV screen

Evervue TK Bathroom TV White with an 18 1/2″ screen size starts around $ 620.00; optional Android add on $ 135.00

With the optional Android App you can browse the internet, watch movies, check Facebook, Twitter, email, play games, read eBooks, watch live internet TV, Radio, Movies, YouTube and chat with your friends from your bathtub or shower! Would you actually chat with your friends from your bathtub?

Installation above a bath tub or next to a vanity is not difficult provided the wall is not tiled, with the same principle of housing a medicine cabinet in a wall pocket. Simplest install if you are not remodeling is to buy a fully housed version that you attach directly to the wall with a mounting plate. The tricky part is the power and cable wiring that comes out from the bottom of the housing and will need to be configured with your audio-visual/cable/internet house connections and if you use remote speakers the wiring must extend from the main HDTV unit to the speaker locations. Not difficult for trained electricians and wiring specialists but probably a bit more than the typical DIY task.
Bathroom HDTV framed screen sizes are 18.5”, 22” and 32” screens, measured diagonally, with the overall framed size similar in dimensions to a computer monitor.

Round bathroom mirror TV

40″ Round vanity mirror with either a 15.6″ or 22″ TV screen

Vanity mirrors, or MirrorVue can be as large as you need with rectangular mirror sizes ranging from 27.5, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 125” widths and various height options to fit your bathroom. You then select the TV screen size 15.6, 22, 32, 40, 46, 50 or 60” which is centered on the lower portion of the mirror. Some smaller models are just under $ 1,000.00, with many medium size screen models available under $ 2,500.00 and very large mirror screens go up in pricing significantly. Round and square shapes are available in 40” and 50” diameter or square. The 40” round runs $ 1,830.00 with a 15.6” TV screen and you add $250.00 to increase the screen size to a 22”.  Integrated lighting options can create just the right light for putting on makeup and create a clean, contemporary design.

Built-in HDTV’s for today’s modern Kitchen
Evervue’s Kitchen Series installs seamlessly in or under Kitchen cabinets with a sleek, contemporary design. The stainless steel finish makes it easy to match with all other kitchen appliances and will look great in any kitchen. The Evervue Kitchen HDTV is completely water proof, the screen is protected by a strong, tempered reflective glass that gives the TV a beautiful mirror finish when turned off. Screen sizes are available in 18.5, 22 and 32″ with the housing dimensions of 22″ wide x 15.2″ high, 23.5″ wide x 17.75″ high or 37.5″ wide x 23.75″ high respectively and a box depth or 4″.

Kitchen TV ideas, interior design

Plan room to mount a TV in your kitchen cabinetry avoids the on the counter or hanging it from the wall cabinets and destroying the work counter space

All images are from Evervue USA Inc

Kitchen Remodeling Toe Kick Drawer

The best options for base cabinets in Kitchen design today are drawers. Drawers provide more useful storage, are easier to use and cost less than door cabinets with roll out shelves. Roll out shelves are designed to retrofit existing Kitchen base cabinets when you are not replacing your cabinets. If you are purchasing all new cabinets for your kitchen definitely think drawer storage.   Highlighted in this photo is the hidden baseboard toe kick drawer.  A great place to store place mats and grill accessories. Provide them where ever they make sense and you will find they are very useful for dining table linens and much more.

Above the toe kick drawer are (2) 36″ width base drawers.  Vertical dividers are used to separate the interior space for storage coffee mugs, tall to go water bottles, coffee, teas and K-cups for the buffet bar area with the smaller prep sink.   30″ width drawers are in the Center Island with a custom insert for knives in the top drawer.  The lower drawers are utilized for colanders, small tray storage and dog accessories.  Drawers can be outfitted with peg board inserts for dinner plates, bowls or pots and pans storage.

This custom Center Island is finished with a Teal Gray Metallic Industrial spray paint that wears like iron.  The paint finish is also used on the light trim molding below the upper cabinets and as an added flat pyramid shaped embellishment on the cabinets which end on the countertop.  This keeps the color flowing throughout the otherwise white kitchen and adds a soft timeless finishing touch to the custom cabinets.  The baseboard is actually plastic laminate finish that coordinates perfectly with the teal painted finish.  No one can tell the difference and the plastic laminate is perfect for maintenance issues.

Ordering new cabinets – think drawers, drawers and more drawers!  Multi-purpose, customizable, easy to use, practical and budget wise drawers win out.