Wall Ovens – Easy open doors

Bosch side opening wall oven

Wall oven with side opening door

Just like a microwave - sideways opening doors

Just like a microwave – sideways opening doors

Last year Bosch introduced it’s Benchmark Series double and single wall ovens available with either left or right hand side-opening door options.    These side-opening door wall ovens have been popular in Europe for some time now and are gaining popularity.   Mounting these ovens at just the right height for the user provides the perfect ergonomic solution to assist with cooking and keeping reach level at an easier comfortable height.   The side-opening  doors open out and away from the body allowing one to reach in and grab a dish without scorching your forearms as a conventional oven inadvertently always seem to catch you at least once a year!

When planning for new appliances review the newer ergonomic options available

Arcadian Lighting presents: Interiors For Seniors

Arcadian Lighting presents: Interiors For Seniors   Great article reviewing Interiors for Seniors room design elements and nice lighting.  Pictures are stunning.

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Accessible Living Design and Aging in Place floor transition ideas.

Aging in Place professional for assisting with older parents home living spaces.  We evaluate individual needs for height, reach and mobility distances.  Kitchen and Bathroom Planning and Design specialist with lower counter tops, wheelchair accessibility, flush floor transitions; call for a Plan of Action consult and start the Aging in Place design concept with an eye for finer detail.